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2018 Celebration Banquet

“I had dreamed that when my child graduated, I would take him to a restaurant to celebrate...I never dreamed it would actually happen, ” said a parent of a Friends for Hope student after the 2017 Celebration Banquet. Friends for Hope students are working hard in school and making great academic progress. We want to celebrate their progress and honor their parents at a special banquet on June 26, 2018. The banquet will be held at the Jinja Sailors Club where our students, along with a parent, and our Friends for hope staff will enjoy a beautiful dinner and fellowship.

Join us in helping other parent’s dreams come true by making a donation that will allow us to celebrate all the Friends for Hope student’s academic progress this year!

Make a donation of only $25 for your sponsored child to attend the 2018 Friends for Hope Banquet.

Donations can be mailed to Dana Whitton: 10271 Southhill Dr. Mobile, AL 36695

Checks should be made to Dana Whitton with "Celebration Banquet" written in the Memo Line. Thank you for your continued support in helping make education a possibility for our Friends for Hope Children.

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