Sponsor a Child Today and Transform Their Future for Life

Friends for Hope believes that every child deserves the chance for a better future. Unfortunately, for many children in Uganda, their future is hindered by poverty. We are looking for sponsors to partner with Friends for Hope in providing a quality education for the most marginalized children in Uganda, so they may have a fighting chance to end their family’s cycle of poverty and truly have hope for a greater future.

We have two levels of sponsorship in our program.

Level 1: Students in Nursery through P5 is $45 a month.

Level 2: Students in P6-S6 is $45 a month for partial sponsorship or $90 for full sponsorship.

Please read the information below to understand how our sponsorship program works.


The goal of Friends for Hope is to find sponsors who are committed to helping Ugandan children realize their dreams of a quality education. Our sponsors are committed to seeing their children through primary, secondary, and even university level education.


If you are ready to sponsor a child, simply click the Sponsor a Child Today button at the bottom of this page to e-mail us (friendsforhopeinc@gmail.com) your contact information and the name of the child you would like to sponsor. Someone from our team will respond to you with information on how to start sponsoring a child.


We utilize DonorBox as our donor management system. Sponsors are encouraged to set up an account where your donations are automatically deducted from your bank account, credit card, or PayPal. Simply click the Donate button below to get started.


If you prefer to make your donation by check, your donations can be mailed to the address below:

Friends for Hope 

10681 Hunters Ridge Dr.

Mobile, AL 36695



Your sponsor fees cover everything from school tuition, supplies, and uniforms to boarding supplies for students in boarding school. You can view a more complete list by viewing our Sponsorship Coverage document.


No more than 9% of your donation helps to cover operating expenses, including the Ugandan office rental and office supplies.

Staff salaries, medical care, and emergencies are not covered in sponsorship donations. Each of our staff has sponsors, but additional donations can be made to our Children's Fund to help cover medical and emergency needs.


Our Sponsorship Levels as of 2020 are: 


Level 1: Students in Nursery- P5*  
$45 a month. 

Level 2: Students in P6 - University**

$45 for partial sponsorship/$90 for full sponsorship


*In extreme circumstances, some Level 1 students will require boarding, which will bump them to Level 2. 

**Our goal is to have students P6-S6 in boarding school to ensure they can fully be focused on their education. We will contact you when their student reaches P5 to see if you would like to partially sponsor your child or if you want to continue fully sponsoring your child come P6. If you want to partially sponsor, we will work together to find a co-sponsor.

*** What do the grade levels mean in Uganda? Nursey through P5 is equivalent to Preschool through Elementary. P6 & P7 are 6th & 7th grade. S1-S6 is 8th grade - 12th  grade.


Meet Fatuma
Meet Fatuma

Fatuma is 7 years old and has never been to school. She is dreaming of one day being able to attend school. Fatuma’s father died years back in an accident and her mother is very sick with HIV. If Fatuma goes to school she will be assured of one meal a day AND have a chance to have a better life in the future. Fatuma’s sponsorship is $45/month. Click the link below to sponsor Fatuma today.

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Meet Karim
Meet Karim

Karim has two siblings in Friends for Hope , Jamirah and Muhammad. Karim dreams of having the same opportunities his siblings have. To sponsor Karim’s education and discipleship is $45/month. Click the link below to begin sponsoring him today.

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Meet Gloria
Meet Gloria

Gloria is 7 and has never been to school. She lives with her elderly grandmother and 4 other grandchildren. Her sister, Zaberra, has a sponsor in Friends for Hope and she would love to have the same opportunities. If you would like to sponsor Gloria at $45/month, you can sign up by clicking the link below.

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We are thankful to have more than 70 students currently being sponsored through Friends for Hope. Your partnership is making a life-long impact on these children's lives and their families as well.


"What I learned during my time in Uganda was that I'm not just sponsoring a child. That child and I are now family."

~ Josh D., FFH Sponsor