Ways to partner with Friends for Hope


Supporting the Foundation of FFH

To keep sponsorship fees low, Friends for Hope does not include the following in sponsorship rates: staffing, major business-related expenses, medical emergencies or savings to help cover school fees for a child who loses a sponsor. We rely on your donations to our Children's Fund to help keep the foundation of Friends for Hope operational. 



Giving Ugandan Children Hope

The goal of Friends for Hope is to find sponsors who are committed to helping Ugandan children realize their dreams of quality education. Our sponsors are committed to seeing their children through primary, secondary, and even university level education. When you sponsor a child, they will receive a quality education and weekly discipleship based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We currently have more than eight students in need of a sponsor or co-sponsor.



Carrying the Weight of the Everyday Operations

Our Ugandan team members are not paid through our student sponsorship donations. They each have multiple sponsors to help provide a livable wage. These men work tirelessly to ensure our students receive the holistic care they need. We are incredibly grateful for their hard work. Email us at to begin co-sponsoring a Ugandan Team Member today, then, return here to set up your monthly donation.