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We believe that through quality education and Christ-centered discipleship, Uganda's most vulnerable have a hope to break the cycle of poverty.

Learn more about our approach below.

education programs

Education is not free in Uganda, government run schools are the cheapest option however, they are not always the best of options.  Sadly, in order to get a job that pays well at all, one must have a certificate of education completion.  Thus the cycle of poverty, addiction, and corruption remains in motion.

FFH ensures that each of our students are placed in well-respected schools with competitive programs. Our schools provide a quality education, most with a Biblical foundation.



K3 - Elementary

Most of our FFH pupils attend Good Shepherd Primary School located in Njeru Village, Jinja.  They are just a short walk from our offices which means our staff can check on them frequently and the kids can easily attend Saturday discipleship meetings.   


Middle - High School

We have three students at three secondary schools throughout Jinja, based on their needs and areas of study.  Fellowship, Rehaboth, Amazima, and Jinja SS.  All vary in their focus but are equally strong schools with caring and invested teachers.



College & Trade School

All graduates that wish to continue their education through a university degree or trade school complete an application and are held to high standards.  We believe in their abilities to achieve great things if they give it all of their effort.  FFH is here to support their aspirations as they launch into adulthood with success.

Discipleship & Mentoring

Mentoring and guiding others in their spiritual journey and personal development are crucial for discipleship. Being part of such a relationship offers assistance, motivation, and response, which can have a beneficial effect on both parties involved. The focus is on creating deep bonds - exchanging stories of how God has influenced their lives. Through discipleship, people can experience spiritual and personal growth. Every Saturday FFH children and village children come together for bible lessons and memory verses and songs. The day always ends with a meal. Discipleship isn’t just on a certain day, it‘s an investment that takes place daily over years.




The kids sing worship songs and participate in Bible lessons.  One curriculum we use is Answers in Genesis.



Building Community

Each Saturday the kids from the village get to cut loose and have some fun with dancing, games, and sports.

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Sharing a Meal

Through generous contributions we are able to provide a simple meal for the 200-300+ kids that show up every Saturday.

friends for hope

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